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A treat for your lips

I'm pretty pleased here in our little corner of Battersea.  After I can't recall how may different blends in development we have a lip balm that lives up to the high standards set for all London Natural products. 

We've crammed 40% of our signature Argan oil in to the blend which also includes beeswax Shea butter, and coconut oil.  The result is a perfect consistency for a potted balm; its set but with a little pressure from a finger becomes a silky consistency that you can literally feel disappearing into lips on application.

The balm combines the nutritional and anti-aging properties of Argan Oil and Shea with the natural protection of Beeswax and coconut oil.  It is scented and flavoured with pure essential oils; either peppermint or orange and lemon.

No parabens. Nothing artificial. All good.

I love developing products and am working very hard to get at least one more new product out before Christmas - we are cutting it fine but your can't rush quality.

It won't however be hair wax as I was hoping.  It turns out that making the perfect hair wax is a very nuanced affair and this is one that I am determined to be better than any rival by a country mile.  I'm targeting spring 2018.

Here yours here.

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