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London Natural Snaps

In this blog feed you'll see a lot of snaps, most of them in black and white.  In October 2016, a month ahead of the launch of the London Natural website I needed some images of London to feature on our home page. The idea was to use pictures that told a bit of the London story; not overly thought about in advance or thought our. I wanted spontaneous snaps of the London I see everyday.  So I took a walk and began snapping and I've continued to do so as I go about my days. 

There is no definite theme other than capture London as it is, the natural London. Places, people, things, views whatever catches my eye and tells a little bit of the London story. I initially posted these our Instagram profile @londonnaturalco and they have started to feel part of the brand and what I envisage London Natural to stand for; simple, natural, genuine & real.

I decided that these pictures should form part of our story here on the website.  Feel free to comment and be part of this; tweet us your own snaps and we'll try and feature those we like here to - maybe even give away the odd freebie to the our favourite contributors.

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