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What's our new Face Oil about?

This was one of those ideas that was so simple and too good not to do.  Why make an oil just for beards? Why not produce a product that takes care not only of beards but also protects and moisturises skin so it can be used on the whole face. And of course smell great. One product for the whole noggin.

Lets face it (pun not intended) men tend to like things as simple as possible when it comes to grooming and grooming products.

Many beard oils use cheaper carrier oils and focus on the scent. There is nothing wrong with that and many are good products I've used myself, but cheaper oils don't have the properties that provide a long term benefit to hair and wouldn't benefit skin much.

Our first beard oil was Hipster Knob and we didn't scrimp on the blend of eight oils in that with the intent of creating a product that would benefit hair condition over the long term as well as the skin and follicles beneath.

And from there came the thought..."Why not create a blend that would benefit skin as much as a beard". In fact as Argan is so good for hair the result is not only great for skin but its better for beards than most other oils on the market.  The blend with sweet almond and grapeseed oils helps the skin and hair absorb the fatty acids and vitamin E more easily whilst the jojoba acts to help hold the moisture in and protect. 

Of course the blend of four essential oils smells pretty special but they were also selected for their beneficial effects on both skin and hair.  

The oil can even be used on the hair on the top of your head as a rub in conditioner that nourishes hair, gives it a shine and controls frizz.  I could have called it Head Oil but that just sounds weird.

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