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Argan Oil

The oil from the nut of Argania Spinosa tree is something very special.  The trees grow in a beautiful region in south west of Morocco where the Berber people have long harvested its fruit for the oil it contains.  They have been using Argan oil to look after skin and hair, for over 2500 years.

This rare liquid is the perfect cosmetic oil; a completely natural solution for hair, skin and nails. It has a very high concentration of fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants which give it great moisturising and healing properties. Argan oil keeps skin looking youthful, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, conditions hair, and strengthens brittle nails. 

It is essential to have a high quality oil traceable to its source. It is reported that more Argan oil is exported from Morocco than is produced as unscrupulous dealers blend Argan with other oils to increase profits. Always be wary of a cheap Argan product.

Our oil comes from a single fair trade producer near Essaouira with their own Argan trees grown organically. The farm undertakes the cold press oil production themselves to ensure that they have full control of quality; each batch undergoing laboratory testing to further assure the oil we use is the absolute best available.